Your sofa deserves a makeover.


The 14 day upholstery process.

Our sofa reupholstery process takes just 14 days. We collect your sofa from your home and deliver right to your doorstep.

1. Our first date

The first task is to get to know you. We'll get a feel for what you like, show you our range of upholstery fabrics and together we will choose the perfect fabric.

2. The factory goes to work.

We collect your sofa, drop it to the factory and like busy little ants they will strip it back to the frame, removing old foam and tired parts where needed.

3. Preparation.

We cut and sow fabric, taking great care to match patterns. We then line up, re-spring and re-foam your sofa, ready for its beautiful new suit of clothes.

4. Finishing touches.

After the upholstery work is finished, a senior cutter and our chief upholsterer inspect all piping, seams and pleats before signing off on your brand new sofa.

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